Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron Kit Is A 3,599-Piece Miniature Magnum Opus For Builders

bugatti lego box
Lego has rolled out the only way the 99% will ever get to own the Bugatti Chiron hypercar in the form of a sweet new Lego Technic kit #42083. This is a beast of a Lego kit with 3,599 pieces that will set you back $349.99. That is most certainly not cheap, but considering the real car costs about $2.5 million, this miniature Bugatti is a true bargain.

bugatti lego front

The Lego Chiron is a large kit at 1:8 scale and was developed in partnership with Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. That means it has all those little touches that make the real Chiron so special. Builders get a Technic 8-speed gearbox to match to the detailed W16 engine that has actual moving pistons inside. Even the "flappy paddles" behind the steering wheel are movable and engage the gears in the transmission.

The real Chiron has active aerodynamics with a spoiler that pops up at speed. The Lego kit has that same pop-up spoiler that you can open and close using a special tool that looks like the Bugatti top speed key. Lego even designed a brick version of the overnight bag that fits into its own very special spot in the compact storage compartment. The kit is offered in a blue two-tone color and it comes with stickers for additional detailing.

bugatti lego key

Lego also includes "luxurious box packaging" with a collector's booklet that features the building instructions. Under the hood is a unique serial number ensuring you get some exclusivity with this fancy kit. The finished model measures over 5-inches tall, 22-inches long, and 9-inches wide. I'd probably not build this one and then smash it into a wall, that was how I rolled growing up.

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