Legal Music Downloading, HIS X700PRO PCI-E, and more!

Good afternoon folks! New Year's eve is only two days away, and I'm still not sure about what I'm going to do. Whatever it is though, don't expect me to be posting any news the next morning(or even afternoon) ;) I've got a few things I need to pick up at Wal*Mart, so let's get rolling...


"It's hard to recommend any graphics card that costs more than a reasonable PC. £430 is an awful lot of money to be spending on a present card when a refresh is just around the corner. In that case, as comprehensive as it is, ASUS' AX800 XP PE/2DHTV package is simply too expensive to be considered by all but the very well-off enthusiast."

Gigabyte GeForce 6600 GT (GV-NX66T128D) @ Bjorn3D

"So, NVIDIA is making bridged AGP versions of the 6600 boards, too. NVIDIA wants to ship a high volume of these products to its partners, and that volume can be maximized only if AGP and PCI Express parts are available."

HIS X700Pro PCI-E Graphics Card – X700XT Equaling Performance @ TweakTown

"Today we take a close look at the HIS X700Pro IceQ Turbo including the impressive overclocking ability close to that of the Radeon X700XT which uses the new PCI Express interface and compare it against the older ATI Radeon X600XT VPU and see what is different and how it affects gaming performance in popular games such as HL2, Doom 3 and Far Cry."

Looking at Legal Music Downloading @ The Tech Zone

"With many people being sued in the past couple years for downloading music, is it really possible to download music legally anymore? If so, at what price will it cost you to download music?"