Back 4 Blood Open Beta Launches Next Month, Here's How To Get Your Game Key Now

left 4 dead developers back 4 blood open beta keys available now
The running joke about Valve Corporation is that the company cannot count to three, in that there is no [traditional] follow-up to Half-Life 2, Portal 2, or Left 4 Dead 2. However, some of the developers of Left 4 Dead left Valve to create their own game, Back 4 Blood, whose release is just on the horizon. As such, the open beta to test the game out is also quite close, and you can pick up a key for free today.

Back 4 Blood is a “thrilling cooperative first-person shooter” from the Left 4 Dead franchise developers. Players will find themselves at war against the Ridden: terrifying parasite-ridden corpses that once were normal people before the infections began and humanity collapsed. While you could experience this in single-player, the best experience will be in the 4-player co-op campaign mode where “you must work together to survive increasingly challenging missions.”

While you can preorder this game on Steam right now and get access to the beta that way, Alienware has a limited amount of open beta codes to hand out as well. To get a key, you must sign up for or log into an Alienware Arena account here and click the “GET KEY” button, where you will be presented with a 15-character code. From there, open your Steam client, click “Games” in the upper left-hand corner, and choose “Activate a Product on Steam…” after which you will follow the on-screen instructions. Intel is giving away free keys as well, for those that are interested. If all those keys are exhausted, you can also try your luck at getting a key direct from the official Black 4 Blood website.

The early access period for people who preordered begins on August 5th through August 9th, whereas the regular open beta period begins August 12th and ends August 16th. This game looks like quite a lot of fun, and fans of the Left 4 Dead series should not be left disappointed. In any event, if you are excited about this game as we are, let us know in the comments below.