Leef Bridge Cleans Up Phone-To-Computer File Transfers

While the cloud is great at times, there's still a need for physical file transfers to be quick, easy, and seamless. That's where Leef Technology comes in, this week introducing the Leef Bridge. It's described as the first USB flash drive for file sharing between Android phones and tablets, Macs and PCs. The product allows for easy transfers without the need for cables, cloud services, Wi-Fi or any type of data connection.

Leef Bridge features a micro USB connector and full-size USB connector that access the same memory so users can share content, photos, videos, music and documents to and from any compatible device. The memory utilized within Leef Bridge has fast read and write speeds to ensure slick video and music playback directly from the USB drive, without the interruptions or delays that accompany low-grade USB flash drive products. Designed in California by the Leef design team, Leef Bridge boasts a unique design featuring an exposed slide-and-lock tray, which enables users to easily switch to the USB connector appropriate for their device connection. "Leef Bridge represents a major technical achievement," said Jonny Anderson, partner and director of product design at Leef. "With all products we develop, we want them to represent something people want to own, for their functionality, design and style. Leef Bridge makes managing content on a phone as simple as plugging in a USB flash drive. It is really a life hack product."

Leef Bridge is currently compatible with mobile devices operating Android Jelly Bean OS 4.1 or higher and a micro USB On-The-Go (OTG) connector. Metago, the company behind ASTRO File Manager – the most downloaded content management application in the Android ecosystem – has teamed up with Leef to release an updated version of their app that provides users with a seamless experience using Leef Bridge and ASTRO File Manager.

Leef Bridge is initially available for purchase in the USA at www.amazon.com and www.2Leef.com for a suggested retail price of $17.99 for the 16GB model and $28.99 for the 32GB model. The pricing for the 64GB model, which is expected in stock in July, will be announced upon availability.
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