Leap Motion Jumps Onto Google Earth, Explore the World in 3D

Leap Motion is an intriguing new product that’s been making friends with major device manufacturers, and now the technology has landed in Google Earth, as well. Google announced that with the release of Google Earth 7.1, users will be able to navigate the world with Leap Motion’s 3D controller.

Leap Motion posted this tasty preview of the Google Earth plus Leap Motion pairing in action:

The support is available on PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Google Earth, and Leap Motion dev community--which reportedly numbers around 10,000--will be the first to get to play with the new feature, but it will be available to all Leap Motion users soon, as well.

Leap Motion controller

Google Earth Pro 7.1, the paid version of the service, will also users to make maps (complete with legends, scales, and the ability to highlight changes in areas over time) as well as identify and calculate viewpoints.