Leaked Slides Show Possible Sprint NFC Wallet App

We've heard Sprint might be working on a new wallet app that could compete with or replace Google Wallet, and now some leaked slides from Sprint seem to back up these rumors. From what we can gather from the slides obtained by Android Central, you'll need to enter a four-digit code to access information in your mobile wallet. After entering the pass code, you'll see the main screen with various options. If you tap the phone to a credit card reader, you'll see a screen with your credit cards instead of the main screen. When you're finished using the wallet, you'll see a brief animation while the wallet locks.

The app also appears to have loyalty options; logos for Starbucks, Macy's, Barnes & Noble, McDonalds, and more can be seen from the slides. At this point, there has been no confirmation of partnerships though, so it's possible these logos could simply be placeholder images.

Details are still relatively sparse at the moment, but interest in NFC wallets is definitely increasing. Given that Sprint is the only official carrier partner of Google Wallet, we can't imagine Google is too happy about these rumors.