Leaked Memos Detail WebOS Split Within HP

Well, there are surprises and then there are things you'd expect to happen. This is a tale involving both. PreCentral has managed to get their hands on new internal HP documentation that somewhat describes how things are going to go down now that they've made the heartbreaking decision to kill off webOS consumer devices. The memos, which were reportedly sent to employees of the company's webOS Global Business Unit, tell the story of how the split will happen.

The former Palm, Inc. will be divided into two separate units that will then report to separate divisions of HP. The hardware group will remain under newly-appointed Stephen DeWitt, while the software side (which is the one HP could still sell in other facets) will be spun into HP's Office of Strategy and Technology, under Executive Vice President Shane Robinson.

Splitting the software and hardware here makes sense. It's clear that HP still intends to do something with the webOS software, though it's unclear how much of an impact it'll have. Hardware, on the other hand, seems to be fading fast. In fact, we wonder what'll be left of that group in a year. The full memos are published at the Via below, for those who don't mind the torture of reading just how their precious webOS is being torn apart.
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