Leaked Kinect 2 Image Reveals Improved Depth Sensor

There have been all kinds of rumors and speculation surrounding Microsoft's next generation Xbox game console (codenamed Durango), and one of them is that it will ship with an improved Kinect motion camera device. How much improved? The answer to that question may have been revealed in a sample image purportedly taken from a Kinect 2 device running on an Xbox 720.

The image was uploaded to Twitter (see below) and there's a question as to its legitimacy. However, some reports indicate its the real deal, plucked straight from Microsoft's Durango Xbox Development Kit (XDK).

Image Source: Twitter (@superDaE)

If the picture is genuine, then it bodes well for the next generation Kinect. Compared to the first generation motion camera, the Kinect 2 image shows much improved detail and depth recognition, which could pave the way to better gameplay. The Kinect 2 is supposed to be able to do a better job at detecting subtle movements, and based on the leaked image, it certainly looks like that will be the case.