Leaked iPhone 5 Images Showcase Smaller Dock Connector, Sleeker Design

There will be another iPhone. That's a fact. While Apple hasn't confirmed it specifically, you can bet it won't just stop with the iPhone 4S. The question on the world's mind right now is pretty simple when it comes to this segment: "What will the iPhone 5 (or whatever it'll be called) look like?" We might just have an answer to that now. iLab Factory has surfaced images of the alleged next-generation iPhone, and it seems to match up perfectly with whispers surrounding the design. Slightly thinner, slightly taller, a headphone jack at the bottom instead of the top, and a shrunken Dock Connector port. Other than that, it looks pretty much identical to the existing iPhone 4 and 4S.

Of course, it's no real surprise that this isn't a major overhaul. At this stage, it's more evolutionary than revolutionary, but it'll no doubt sell millions. What do you think? Are these shots legitimate leaks? We'll probably find out in a few month's time.

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