Leaked 7" iPad Parts Detail Mini-Sized Apple Tablet

Before every major Apple release, it seems that a case, or a shell, gets leaked. They aren't always accurate, but in the case of the presumed 7" iPad, it's beginning to look as if the leaks may be onto something. Recent evidence in the Samsung / Apple patent lawsuit trial proved that Apple was considering, and perhaps even testing, a 7" iPad behind closed doors. So, the idea of a miniature iPad to rival the form factor currently dominated by the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 isn't far-fetched at all. Now, external shell casings have emerged from the Chinese social media site Sina Weibo, and they look mighty convincing. You may notice a lack of a camera hole, but it's stated that these parts were from an early batch, and the final design may have changed slightly. Apple's rumored to be holding a press event on September 12th where the 7" iPad will be revealed -- do you think this thing will be the product that's on tap?

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