Lawsuits Becoming Difficult for RIAA

Though the RIAA has been suing people over copyright infringement for a few years now, they've been starting to run into some roadblocks as of recent. Despite using such tactics as trying to sue deceased people, or even people without a computer, many of their lawsuits have been successful due to folks not wanting to fight the charges. A recent court battle has complicated matters for the RIAA though, as they've lost a case to an Oklahoma mother after they were unable to produce information concerning the number of songs downloaded, and the time of the downloads. This isn't the only suit giving them trouble though, more than a few people have decided to start fighting back.

"Debbie Foster is not the only mother to stand up to the RIAA. A 42-year-old disabled, single mother from Oregon, Tanya Anderson, is currently fighting the RIAA's file-sharing allegations. She denies downloading hip-hop over Kazaa and decided to fight back after being contacted by the Settlement Support Center. There is also the case of Patricia Santangelo, a divorced mother of five living in New York. Her case is currently headed for trial in the US District Court of the Southern District of New York, after a motion to dismiss was denied."
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