Updated Nest Thermostat Keeps Your House As Cool As It Is

The original Nest has been improving the reputation of the home thermostat for less than a year, but a new model is already out. The second-generation Nest has a more streamlined build and better software for keeping your home at the appropriate temperature throughout the day. You can pre-order today or pick up a Nest at a retailer in mid-October for $249.

The first Nest grabbed the public’s attention for its great looks (something your typical thermostat sorely lacks), but the buzz quickly turned to what the device can do: it builds a schedule for keeping your house at a comfortable temp when you’re around, and at an energy-saving temp when you’re away.

The Latest Nest Has A Thin Body

On the left is the original Nest. The new Nest on the right is thinner.
So, what’s new in the new Nest? On the hardware side, the Nest 2 is 20% thinner, has a solid steel ring, and sports an updated display. The Nest drops the old grille at the bottom of the display in favor of a lens. And inside the Nest, you’ll find upgraded press connectors for your home’s wiring – handy if you plan to install the Nest yourself. The Nest works with most home cooling systems, but a new connector makes the Nest compatible with some unusual ones.

The Nest 3.0 software has System Match feature that gives you some interesting features, depending on your home cooling system. Filter reminders will save you money, and the Early-On feature gets temp where you want it at a particular time, so you walk in the door with the temperature where it needs to be. The Nest now has software for all Android tablets, in addition to the other mobile devices (including iOS devices) that it already supported. And yes, if you already have a Nest, your original Nest will be updated with the new software over Wi-Fi.
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