Koenigsegg's Final Two Final Edition Ageras Hypercars Dubbed Thor And Väder

Of all the hypercars out there for the ultra-wealthy to enjoy, the Koenigsegg Agera RS is among the fastest. Koenigsegg set a record for top speed from a production car using an Agera RS on a closed-off section of Nevada highway back in November of 2017 when the car hit 277.9 mph (Koenigsegg took that land speed record from the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport). The Koenigsegg Final Edition is an Agera RS with every option in the book thrown in for good measure.

thor vader park

Koenigsegg has completed the last two Final Edition cars that will be built before its next great hypercar debuts at the Geneva Motor Show next year. Both cars have been given names with one called Thor and the other called Väder. Both are sold already and will be driven up the hill at Goodwood by their respective owners.

Thor is the two-tone clean carbon and diamond-flake car with the central top fin adoring the ride meant for increased stability. Väder is identifiable by the pair of small rear winglets and white gold leaf detailing. It also has a rear spoiler with cutouts showing the workings of the active aero. Other than those touches, the cars are virtually identical. Both cars share common features like front winglets, larger air intakes, and the 1MW engine upgrade.

thor vader grid

That engine update gives the cars each 1,360hp and the grunt to hit nearly 280mph. In the realm of hypercars where power and technology are constantly evolving, the Agera RS has been around for a long time debuting back in 2010.