Laptop Experts, Questions and Answers

For the past few months, I have been participating in a campaign created by the folks at Toshiba and Federated Media designed to help users get answers to their laptop-related questions. You may have seen the banners here at HotHardware from time to time. The LaptopExperts website born from the campaign was created to provide a central location where users of any type of laptop (not just Toshiba) can enter their questions and get answers from myself and the other "experts" participating in the program.

Over the course of the campaign I have tried to answer user submitted questions pertaining to
DSL and network connections, to touchpad issues, and even a funky boot-order issue. But there are numerous other questions already in the database as well, covering an even wider range of topics.

We thought some of the answers posted up on the site might come in handy for those of you that handle tech-questions from your family and friends, or at work. And if you know the answer to a question that hasn't been answered yet, have additional information that may shed even more light on an existing answer, or have a question of your own feel free to jump right in. The site is open to everyone.
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