Lamborghini Teases Outrageous Hybrid Hypercar With Hints Of Terzo Millennio Concept

A new Lamborghini is something that car guys and gals can get excited about. Lambo is teasing a new car with a dark image that shows a silhouette sitting in the dark in front of three beams of light that mimic the lights on the car. It also appears that the Lamborghini emblem glows.

lamborghini tease

That glowing raging bull emblem could be for the teaser shot, but there are rides out there now that have emblems that are lit. Lamborghini fans might recall a concept car that was shown off back in late 2017 called the Terzo Millennio (pictured below) and note that the glowing front lights on the dark Lambo teaser look like the accent lights on the concept car.

lambo concept ev

What Lamborghini said about the concept car back in 2017 was that it was an electric vehicle. With many other automakers tossing out electric hypercars, it might make sense for Lamborghini to jump on that bandwagon as well. Those that don't remember the Terzo Millennio can read up on it; the car was a collaboration between MIT and Lamborghini.

The dark teaser image has a tagline that says, "Just open your eyes to the future" and carries the hashtag #IAA2019 where we expect to hear more details on the mysterious new Lambo. Lamborghini isn't exactly doing well these days and the Volkswagen Group is not happy with its financial performance. Lamborghini is mostly known for high-end exotic cars with V10 or V12 engines, but rumors have suggested that the V12 will die off with the flagship models using a hybrid V8 in the future. Not having a V12 will undoubtedly anger the Lamborghini purists as that engine is very closely associated with the brand, but parent company Audi doesn't want to drop the green to make the big V12 meet European emissions standards.