LaCie's Got a 12big Rack Storage Server, And It's Nearly $12,000

If you thought all Big Racks were awesome, well, you're probably right. Childish jokes aside (seriously, we apologize for that one), LaCie has just announced their new 12big Rack Storage Server, described as a comprehensive network storage solution complete with the software and hardware needed for serious backup or file sharing right out of the box. The 12big Rack Storage Server features the performance of Quad LANs and the power of Windows Storage Server. With muscular performance and outstanding scalability at a competitive price point, the 12big Rack Storage Server is the perfect solution for corporate backup and file sharing. It is powered by the industry-standard Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, Microsoft’s latest version of the powerful NAS platform. The 12big Rack Storage Server ships with 6Gb/s Nearline SAS disks, which feature redundant path technology that improve I/O results by more than 40%.

As for specs, it's got a quad-core Xeon CPU with 4GB of RAM, NAS-to-NAS backup and file serving, I/O ports to connect external storage and integrate as a JBOD array for massive scalability - up to 144TB, Hardware RAID controller, which supports RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 10, 50 or 60, five free PCIe slots for dedicated applications such as 10Gb Ethernet, fibre channel, or InfiniBand, and the ability to configure as an iSCSI target or initiator to allow storage expansion in a cost-effective way. The 12big Rack Storage Server is available in 9TB, 12TB, 24TB and 36TB capacities with the 5-year Gold Protection Plan for premium support. The protection plan features warranty on drives and components, as well as fast product replacement. The 12big Rack Storage Server is available through LaCie Online Store, LaCie PROgram+ Partners, and LaCie PROgram+ Resellers starting at $11,299.00. Yes. Over $11k. Pony up!