LaCie Unveils New Portable DVD±RW Drive With New Look & Features

LaCie recently announced the latest versions of its Portable DVD±RW Drive designed by Sam Hecht. The new drives feature a sleek black finish and come with new multimedia burning solutions designed for Mac or PC. The Mac and Windows version comes with Toast 9 Basic, as well as Creator Suite 10 while the Windows Version comes with Creator Suite 10.

The LaCie Portable DVD±RW drive is powered by a USB bus so only a single cable is needed to burn CDs and DVDs. The drive is also portable, measuring less than an inch tall and weighing under a pound.

LaCie Enhances Portable DVD±RW Drive with New Features and a New Look
  • Slim, lightweight, and compact design
  • USB bus-powered
  • Full-featured burning software for Mac or Windows
  • LightScribe enabled to create custom labels
PARIS, FRANCE (Sept 17, 2009) – Today LaCie announced the latest versions of its Portable DVD±RW Drive, design by Sam Hecht. Now with a sleek black finish, the award-winning LaCie Portable DVD±RW includes new multimedia burning solutions, allowing users to piece together sophisticated movie, music, and photo projects in a matter of minutes – creating customized CDs or DVDs wherever they go.

Featuring two versions for easy setup and seamless compatibility, users can choose from the multimedia burning solution for Mac or PC. The Windows® version comes with Creator Suite 10, while the combined Mac® and Windows version comes with Toast 9 Basic, as well as Creator Suite 10.

Additionally, it is USB bus-powered so only one cable is needed to start burning CDs and DVDs. The 8x drive is less than an inch tall and weighs under a pound—fitting perfectly into a bag, backpack, or briefcase.

"With the popularity of lightweight laptop computers and netbook solutions, which often exclude optical drives, users need an ultra-portable DVD±RW solution that will allow them to play, save, and share their multimedia collections," Christelle Dexet, Multimedia Product Manager. "The new, black, Sam Hecht Portable DVD±RW offers mobility, simplicity, and of course style – without compromising the key features that complement their computing systems and their lifestyles."

The LaCie Portable DVD±RW drive is equipped with LightScribe – an innovative technology that allows you to burn silkscreen-quality labels directly onto CDs and DVDs with a laser instead of a printer.


The LaCie Portable DVD±RW will be available in versions for Mac and PC, through the LaCie Store Online, LaCie Reseller+ and LaCie Corner, starting at the suggested retail price of $89.99 VAT included. For more information, visit

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