LaCie Unveils 5big NAS Pro And 20TB Thuderbolt Drive

Storage -- it's a wild and wonderful thing. But can small businesses and enterprises every truly have enough? LaCie doesn't think so, and has today unveiled the 5big NAS Pro as well as a 20TB Thunderbolt RAID drive. The latter is a massive, five-bay RAID solution, offering up to 20TB of storage and speeds up to 785MB/sec. It manages that by shipping with fve 7200rpm/64MB cache hard disks preconfigured in RAID 0, and the company's marketing this towards A/V professionals that need the speed and storage. It'll ship in 10TB / 20TB capacities, with prices starting at $1,199. On the other side of the coin, the 5big NAS Pro utilizes hybrid cloud technology as well as LaCie's own SimplyRAID. It promises transfer speeds as high as 200MB/sec, and gets powered by a 2.13GHz Intel 64-bit Atom and 4GB of RAM. There's two Either jacks as well. The LaCie 5big, with NAS OS 3 and integrated Wuala, features network-attached and cloud storage in a single view. This means wherever the user is or whatever the device (computer or mobile), they can access data quickly from one convenient interface.

In addition to industry-standard RAID modes (5, 5+spare, 1**, or 0), the LaCie 5big NAS Pro ships with SimplyRAID, which makes RAID management easy. Behind the scenes, it chooses the fastest and most secure RAID mode according to the number of disks. This way, it's possible to benefit from RAID security and performance, with zero understanding of RAID. The LaCie 5big NAS Pro, design by Neil Poulton, is available this quarter in 0TB, 10TB and 20TB capacities through the LaCie Online Store and LaCie Partners starting at $549.00