LaCie Outs $99 HDD-Less LaCinema Classic Bridge

We're not quite certain what all has gotten into LaCie these days, but we like it. Just a few waking hours after the storage company known for style introduced two more additions to its LaCinema line, the outfit is now debuting its LaCinema Classic Bridge.

Designed to be a stripped-down version of its other LaCinema Media Players, this relatively empty box doesn't ship with any storage at all. In other words, you're buying a beautiful enclosure and LaCie's heralded user interface, but you'll have to pony up for your own hard drive. The device accepts 3.5" SATA HDDs as well as media plugged into the USB socket.

Also of note, the LaCinema Classic Bridge is DivX-certified, and it'll also handle MPEG4, MP3 and JPEG as well as HD-JPEG. The HDMI socket ensures that content as high as 1080p flows easily to your HDTV, and the surprisingly low $99 price tag makes this a real winner for those looking for places to stuff extra, unwanted HDDs.