LaCie Introduces Faster, Updated Professional NAS Drive Lineup

One look, and you know it's a LaCie. The iconic storage brand has just introduced their newest lineup of desktop Network Storage solutions, aimed at small-to-medium sized business but perfect for the prosumer at home, too. These don't look any different from the outside than LaCie's prior NAS offerings, but it's what is inside that counts. And what's inside is more power.

Three new drives are seeing updates today: the LaCie d2 Network 2 (single disk), LaCie 2big Network 2 (two disks) and LaCie 5big Network 2 (five disks).These pro units promise 70MB/sec on the data access front, and they also include compatibility with Macs (Time Machine) and PCs. You'll also get Wake-on-LAN support, and if you spring for the 5big, you'll also see an extra LAN port (that permits load balancing or link aggregation for boosted Ethernet performance) and the ability to configure the drive as an iSCSI target client, not to mention uninterrupted power supply support through USB host ports.

The units are available now starting at around $300, with the main updates being a new 1.2GHz processor, enhanced performance (up to 70MB/s), a new "widget-like" interface, USB interface and automated software updates.

LaCie Introduces Next Generation of Desktop Network Storage Solutions for Small-to-Medium Businesses

    * Fast data access with transfers of up to 70 MB/s

    * Multiple hot-swap RAID modes, including RAID 6

    * Full-featured widget-managed web administration

    * Extremely quiet and energy-efficient

    * Up to 10TB of shared desktop network storage

LaCie announces the next generation line of network storage devices for small to medium-sized businesses: the LaCie d2 Network 2 (single disk), LaCie 2big Network 2 (two disks) and LaCie 5big Network 2 (five disks).

Delivering superb data access of up to 70 MB/s, these professional, reliable central storage devices allow users to share files instantly or back up any PC or Mac® on a network. These complete backup solutions are Time Machine® compatible and include Genie Backup Manager Pro™ (Windows®) and Intego Backup Manager Pro™ (Mac). With these applications you can make encrypted, compressed backups, restore office files, and even perform disaster recovery.

These professional solutions feature extensive benefits for IT managers, boasting an intuitive, web-based administration tool organized by easy-to-use widgets. This tool allows you to manage users, groups, and shares, and place disk use quotas easily. Further simplifying user administration is the ability to join a Windows domain using Active Directory, which automatically imports users and respects existing permissions. The administration tool can also be configured to send email alerts in the case of a temperature event or if a disk quota is exceeded.

Designed for flexibility, these desktop solutions fit into any small-to-medium business environment and are ideal for a range of applications. They can be stacked or installed in racks to conserve space, and for the ultimate in flexibility, the LaCie d2 Network 2 and LaCie 2big Network 2 can be connected directly via USB to a PC or Mac. To ensure complete data access, they can even be easily accessed remotely through automatic port forwarding and Dynamic IP integration. The LaCie 2big Network 2 and LaCie 5big Network 2 feature hot-swappable disks and RAID 1 for redundancy, and the 5big Network 2 offers RAID 6 for superior performance and security.

"With superb performance, design and reliability, this next generation of desktop NAS devices achieves new heights in flexibility for small- and medium-sized businesses," said Edin del Mar, LaCie's SOHO NAS Product Manager. "Thanks to major advances in design and usability, this new product line proves LaCie's continued dedication to melding form, function and versatility."

Sturdy aluminum cases, power-saving mode, scheduled deep sleep, and RoHS compliance mean this line of products is designed to be eco-friendly. Wake-on-LAN compatibility means the product can be turned on from a computer without needing to physically be near it.

The LaCie 5big Network 2 has additional features, such as an extra LAN port that permits load balancing or link aggregation for extraordinary Ethernet performance. The product can be configured as an iSCSI target client to add flexibility in corporate IT environments. The LaCie 5big Network 2 also guarantees UPS (uninterrupted power supply) support through USB host ports, which helps it to manage power failures.

Availability and Warranty
Backed up with a 3-year limited warranty, the LaCie d2 Network 2, 2big Network 2, and 5big Network 2 are available through the LaCie Online Store, LaCie Reseller+, LaCie Storage Partner, starting at the suggested retail price of $229.99. For more information, visit

About LaCie
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