LaCie Expands Expansive 5Big Storage Server

Is big ever really big enough? Not in our world! LaCie knows that as well as anyone, and that's why they're announcing the 5big Storage Server in a new, expanded model. The company's pro-level sharing appliance is now offered in a 1TB model for user expandability, and you can order one with up to 10TB of expandable capacity. You'll also get Windows Storage Server software and a sleek, compact aluminum enclosure, support for PC and Mac clients, and a dual-core Intel 1.6GHz processor inside.

The unit starts at $1199, and promises transfer rates as high as 180MB/sec. It'll handle RAID 0, 1, 5,or 5+ modes, and the only thing standing between you and enough storage to back everything you've ever owned up is a pretty penny.

LaCie Delivers Expandability with its 5big Storage Server

Today LaCie announced its 5big Storage Server, a professional file-sharing appliance for small and medium businesses, is now offered in a 1TB model for user expandability. With up to 10TB of expandable capacity, the 5big Storage Server delivers the power of Windows Storage Server in a compact aluminum enclosure – making it the highest capacity and fastest-performing file server for your desktop.

Now, with the 5big Storage Server 1TB, businesses can invest in a full-featured storage solution that is perfectly suited to grow with your business’ storage needs and budget. Simply add your own hard drives or refer to LaCie's website for recommendations on hard drives for compatibility and performance.

In addition to its capacity update, the 5big Storage Server has been optimized for performance, and features up to twenty percent faster speeds than traditional NAS solutions. By combining enterprise class components – 64-bit dual-core hyperthreaded 1.6Ghz Intel Atom processor and Microsoft Storage Server 2008 Standard – as well as dual gigabit Ethernet links for link aggregation, the 5big Storage Server delivers up to 180MB/s--the fastest file transfers and system restoration in a desktop storage solution.

Complete with RAID 0, 1, 5,or 5+ modes for data reliability, the 5big Storage Server is an ideal solution for businesses that require performance without compromising security. Small offices can use the 5big Storage Server for network-attached data storage or as a file server to deliver work files quickly. It can also be set up as a backup target for data replication, and supports up to 100 users.

With high-end server performance, the 5big Storage Server can easily operate in the most challenging SAN environments. It can even support the most demanding virtualization applications, Windows server failover clustering and Hyper-V.


    * Data protection: The 5big Storage Server features RAID 0/1/5 and JBOD. Adjust your data plan as you grow your storage space.
    * Data deduplication: Save up to 40% space. Thanks to Microsoft's Single Instance Storage (SIS), the 5big Storage Server will provide file-level deduplication, so duplicate files will only be stored once.
    * Offsite replication and collaboration: The 5big Storage Server incorporates Microsoft's DFS-R technology, allowing corporate administrators to complete an offsite backup of their critical data. NAS-to-NAS replication performances on the 5big Storage Server go up to 112MB/s. The DFS-R technology can also be used as a simple tool for offsite backups.
    *  Mac compatibility: The 5big Storage Server will work in heterogeneous environments. PC and Mac users will be able to work and collaborate on the same storage unit. Thanks to fast AFP performances, the 5big Storage Server can complete a 320GB Time Machine® backup in just 2 hours.
    *  Fast server backups: Back up the 5big Storage Server to eSATA hard drive attached. Back up 10GB to the external hard drive in a minute, or a 1TB 5big Storage Server in just two hours.
    * iSCSI: With performances up to 180MB/s*, the 5big Storage Server can easily operate even in the most challenging SAN environments.

The LaCie 5big Storage Server is available in 1TB, 5TB and 10TB capacities through the LaCie Online Store, LaCie Storage Partners and LaCie Reseller+ starting at $1199.00. For more product information, visit
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