LaCie 4TB And 6TB 2big Thunderbolt Series Now Available to Purchase

At long last, LaCie's 2big Thunderbolt Series has arrived and is up for sale on the company's website, provided you have the scratch. Initially available in 4TB and 6TB sizes, these big drives command equally big price tags, with the lower capacity model costing $649 and the larger size drive going for $799. That works out to about 16 cents per gigabyte on the 4TB drive, and 13 cents per gigabyte on the 6TB model.

That's not terrible considering these come equipped with a Thunderbolt interface and offer up transfer speeds of up to 327MB/s. According to LaCie, that means you can transfer 1TB of data in less than an hour, which works out to 235,000 MP3 files, 750 iTunes movies, or more than 450,000 photos.

Each 2big drive features an aluminum enclosure with active cooling, dual-Thunderbolt ports for daisy chaining, RAID 0/1 support, and two hot-swappable disks for non-stop data access. LaCie also plans to sell an 8TB model, but didn't say when or for how much.