Kuvee Smart Wine Bottle Keeps Your Grape Attitude Adjustment Fresh For 30 Days, Wi-Fi Enabled

For human beings and the vast majority of living organisms, oxygen is a good thing. The same can't be said for wine, the delicious, intoxicating nectar that begins degrading in quality the moment you pop the cork. That's a real problem if you have a discerning tongue and drink wine by the glass, not the bottle (or box). The solution? A smart bottle developed by Kuvée, a Boston-based startup.

Kuvée's smart wine bottle solution is drawing inevitable comparisons to Kuerig, The system consists of a special decanter with a patented valve system that keeps oxygen from touching the wine. According to Kuvée, this allows wine to stay fresh for up 30 days after opening it, as opposed to degrading on the spot.

Kuvee Wine

The Kuvée bottle that serves as the decanter features a Wi-Fi connected touch screen. When you shove a container of Kuvée's wine into the bottle, you'll see information about that wine. You can also rate wines, receive recommendations based on what you like, and order more alcoholic grape juice with a few taps.

"Connected devices are continuing to transform our homes, from the living room to the kitchen and now, the dining table," said Founder Collective managing partner Eric Paley. "Kuvée has assembled a world-class team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and wine lovers to create an entirely new way to experience wine at home, as the winemaker intended, with freshness, personal discovery, and convenience at the core of the experience."

Like Kuerig for coffee, you're buying into an ecosystem here. The smart bottle only works with Kuvée's specially packaged wines, which come in recyclable aluminum bottles. There are 48 different to choose from, each one 750 ml and priced from $15 to $50.

Kuvée is crowdfunding the effort on Indiegogo where's it's already surpassed its $50,000 goal. The $179 Super Early Bird tier is already sold out, though a $199 Early Bird tier is still available. It comes with the Kuvée smart bottle and a voucher redeemable for the founder's selection of four wines valued at $100.

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