Kodak Focuses On Socialization With New Cameras

Kodak announced a few new cameras at CES that are designed to provide easy sorting and uploading to popular sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Kodak Gallery, and YouTube. The most noteworthy camera among the new offerings is the Slice, which is half camera, half photo album. This 14 megapixel camera features a 3.5-inch touchscreen for image playback.

The Slice also lets you tag images of people with their names using an onscreen keyboard. The KODAK SLICE Search Feature and Face Recognition lets you sort your pictures by person, place, date, or occasion.

In a day where we're seeing more and more connectivity features built-in to digital cameras, one thing the Slice is lacking is built-in wireless connectivity. Although you won't be able to upload directly from the camera, the Slice does offer the ability to tag images and video in preparation for uploading to popular sites. You can also choose to tag images to be emailed or sent to the new Kodak PULSE Digital Frame. Once you plug the camera into a USB port, it will upload your content without much effort on your part.

The Slice has 2GB of onboard memory, which Kodak claims can hold up to 5,000 shots in HD resolution. There's also a microSD expansion slot. The camera has a 5X optically stabilized SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH lens that ranges from 31.5mm to 157.7mm. The camera can also capture 720p HD video at 30fps.

The Kodak Slice Touchscreen Camera will come in black, nickel, and radish color options for $349.95 beginning in April. Initially, Best Buy will have the exclusive rights for in-store retail sales. The Slice will also be available online at Amazon.com and Kodak.com.

Other new camera models in Kodak's lineup include four new M Series models that are designed to make it easy to share pictures and videos via Facebook, Kodak Gallery, Flickr, and YouTube. These cameras all offer a Share Button which lets you tag pictures directly on the camera. These pictures will then be automatically emailed or uploaded to your favorite sharing sites when you connect the camera to a computer. Pictures can also be sent directly to the new Kodak PULSE Digital Frame.

The four new M Series models include the M580 ($199.95), M575 ($179.95), M550 ($149.95), and M530 ($129.95). The 14 megapixel M580 is megazoom model that offers an 8X optical zoom lens (28mm to 224mm). The M575 is also a 14 megapixel model, but with a 5X optical zoom (28mm to 140mm). Both the M580 and M575 feature a 3-inch LCD and HD video capture abilities. The M550 and M530 are both 12 megapixel cameras with 2.7-inch screens and zoom capabilities of 5x and 3x, respectively.