Kobo Wireless Reader Dips To $99 For Mother's Day

The world of e-readers has grown tremendously in recent years, and there's a reason: people love them, and the Kindle and NOOK have led the charge. But a lot of smaller companies have cropped up as well, offering cheaper alternatives for those unconcerned with brand name or certain luxury features. The Kobo Wireless Reader is one of those units, and a cheaper alternative to the Kindle just got even cheaper.

The Onyx version of the Kobo Wireless Reader will be available on Mother's Day for just $99 at Best Buy, and consumers can also get that price online. Kobo’s VP of business development Todd Humphrey had this to say: "We’ve seen great success working with Best Buy in Canada and look forward to being available in-store in the U.S. with the Mother’s Day special. Having Kobo’s Wireless eReader in Best Buy stores throughout the United States and online provides the eReading public with more purchasing options and allows shoppers to compare our eReader to the competition to see the value and versatility we bring to the table."

So, there you have it -- if you're looking for a last minute Mom's Day gift, you just found it!
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