Kobo Shipping 6.8" Aura HD Limited-Edition eReader

While the e-reader market isn't exactly exploding in the way smartphones are, there are still plenty to go around -- and plenty of demand to be filled. Kobo seems to be doing just fine keeping up with Amazon's Kindle line and B&N's Nook range, and today it's introducing a limited-run unit to please those looking for something a bit more uncommon. It's the Aura HD E Link eReader, boasting a 6.8" E Ink display and shipping in ivory, expresso and onyx colors.

It'll be up for pre-order soon for $170, boasting a 1GHz processor, 4GB of storage, and Wi-Fi. Wayne White, EVP and General Manager of Devices, isn't holding back on his adoration: "To us, the Kobo Aura HD is the Porsche of eReaders and is designed for those in the driver’s seat of their eReading adventures." Kobo Aura HD will be available for pre-order in North America starting April 16 at www.kobo.com and will be in-stores in Canada and the United Kingdom starting April 25. International availability will begin in May.
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