Kingston 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT Now Shipping As World’s Highest Capacity USB Flash Drive

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Kingston turned quite a few heads when it announced the newest member of its DataTraveler Ultimate GT flash drive family, which is available in capacities up to 2TB. This new 2GB SKU makes it the world’s largest capacity USB flash drive.

Today, Kingston announced that the flash drive is now shipping to customers. Given that this is a flash drive, it isn’t exactly the sexiest piece of kit that we get to cover on a daily basis, but we can’t help but be impressed by the ability to store up to 70 hours of 4K footage on a device that fits in your pocket.

kingston tb

Kingston has infused the DataTraveler Ultimate GT with a zinc-alloy metal housing that gives it a premium look and aids in shock resistance. It also uses the USB 3.1 (first generation) interface, which means that the drive theoretically tops out with data transfer speeds of 625MB/s (although you’ll never see anything approaching those speeds in the real world).

“We are always striving to create new and better storage solutions to meet our customers’ needs especially in an ever-increasing digital world,” said Jean Wong, Kingston’s flash business manager. “With the release of the DataTraveler Ultimate GT, users can push the boundaries of their mobile storage needs and ensure that they have more than enough space to store their video, photos and files in a small form factor.”

We should note that this massive amount of storage space comes with an equally massive price tag. Kingston sells the 1TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT direct for $942.50, while the 2TB version is priced at a heart attack-inducing $1,625. You’ve gotta pay (through the nose) to play when it comes to Kingston’s new flash drive, but for those that need access to this amount of storage on-the-go, it’s a welcome addition.