Kingston Offers Best Practices For Portable Data Security

Not only is Kingston in the storage business, it’s also in the business of conducting research and doling out advice--which isn’t a bad thing.

In a presentation titled “Best Practices: Using and Promoting Secure USB Flash Drives in Your Organization”, Kingston identifies some best practices regarding USB flash drives and data security. Flash drives are on one hand a terrifically practical means of transporting files; on the other hand, they’re one of the worst potential vectors for data breaches by dint of being small and easy to lose. Once a flash drive is lost, anyone who finds it can access the data therein if it’s not properly secured.

Kingston has a number of recommendations for shoring up that particular leak, including using secure flash drives and associated policies, determining a type (or it follows, a particular brand or model) that best suits your organization, training employees on flash drive use, and enforcing electronic storage policies.

The company conducted “extensive market research” and also gathered customer feedback to develop its best practices. You can read more about it on the Kingston Excryption Zone page of Kingston’s site.

Finally, yes--you should always be a bit wary when a manufacturer conducts research or develops recommendations about the types products it sells, as the company will likely recommend that you buy some of its wares to you as a result. With that in mind, feel free to take Kingston’s advice with a grain of salt, but these best practices are worth some consideration regardless.

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