Kingston Introduced 128GB Wi-Drive For Portable Streaming And Sharing

Need more storage? Face it, we all go. And that's why Kingston Digital is shipping a 128GB version of its Wi-Drive. The 128GB model enables even more sharing and storage. It's a 128GB drive with a built-in Wi-Fi module and a battery that'll stream content from the device for up to four hours. Basically, it's a pocket-sized portable storage device that doesn't even need a cord to make transfers. For tablet users who have ran out of local storage, it's a real godsend. The gratis Wi-Drive app is available now for iOS and Android, as well as Kindle products. The device allows simultaneous data access and file sharing for up to three users on their preferred mobile device. Thanks to a variety of Android-based devices and their versatile user experience, users can access and share their files via web browser or the Wi-Drive App. As for pricing? The 128GB model is going for just under $200.

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