Kingston Announces Validated Server RAM for Super Micro Boards

The DRAM market isn't exactly raining down riches on memory makers at the moment, but apparently there's still money to be made, and not always on the home consumer side. Kingston, which plays both sides of the field (desktops and servers), just announced that its ValueRAM Server Premier series of DDR3 has been independently validated for use with Super Micro Computer server boards.

"System builders and integrators have long used Super Micro's high-quality server boards in a multitude of platforms," said Hanni Eid, ValueRAM server business manager, Kingston. "Our Server Premier line offers unique features in addition to being fully AVL-validated and compatible with these builds. To make it easier for our mutual customer base to get more information and find the right Kingston memory solutions for Super Micro boards, we've developed a special webpage."

You can find that webpage here, which lists currently tested platforms and qualification data. The upshot to Kingston's ValueRAM Server Premier series, says Kingston, is that it's manufactured with a locked bill-of-materials (BOM), so customers don't have to worry about playing brand and revision roulette. If it's AVL certified, then Kingston guarantees 100 percent memory compatibility with the Super Micro boards listed on the site.