Kickstarter Year in Review: $320M in Pledges, 18K Funded Projects

We've covered a number of high-profile Kickstarter projects on HotHardware in 2012, and there's good reason for that. The online crowd funding site had a busy year, one in which more than 18,000 projects were successfully funded. Over 2.2 million people contributed hard earned dollars to various projects, pledging a combined $319.78 million.

"From groundbreaking projects to inspiring stories, 2012 was a year of many memorable moments on Kickstarter. To celebrate the year that was, our team put together this look back at some of our favorite projects and moments," Kickstarter stated on a special page that reveals some interesting data.

Kickstarter World

If you break things down, backers pledged over $600 per minute to projects in 2012. That's a staggering figure and it underscores just how popular the site has become. What's more, many who funded a project on Kickstarter ended up backing at least one more project, which was the case for 570,627 people in 2012. Over 50,000 people backed ten or more projects.

One of the most interesting statistics is that Kickstarter attracted backers from 177 countries, or 90 percent of the countries around the world. That shows the kind of widespread appeal the site has.

In case you're wondering, games drew the most interest from backers, attracting $83 million in pledges in the past year, though music had the most funded projects (5,067). Seventeen projects received at least $1 million in funding.

Have you backed any Kickstarter projects?