KIA Summons "The Matrix" Morpheus In EPIC Luxury Sedan Super Bowl Ad

When you think of luxury cars, Kia probably isn't a brand that comes immediately to mind. You might even associate Kia with cheap automobiles, though the South Korean car maker has made strides in recent years to build a more solid reputation in the U.S. It has close ties with the NBA and in particular Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers, and come Super Bowl time this Sunday, Kia will introduce the world to its new luxury sedan, the K900.

Super Bowl ads don't come cheap -- $4 million for a 30-second spot this year, plus production costs -- so run-of-mill commercials are a waste of time and money. Rather than fall into that trap, Kia enlisted the help of Morpheus from "The Matrix" to help pitch its K900 luxury sedan, though you've never seen Morpheus quite like this.

Somewhere along the line, Morpheus developed a mesmerizing opera voice that can bend spoons and of course shatter glass, as well as blow up street lights and send other luxury vehicles soaring into the air. Along the way you catch glimpses of the K900, the real star of the 90-second show.

Kia K900

The K900 will be available this Spring with a V8 Tau engine kicking out 420 horses with an 8-speed, shifty-by-wire automatic transmission. It has an aerodynamic design and sleek looking interior with various creature comforts, such as 17-speaker surround sound and customizable heads-up display (HUD).