KFC India Debuts Takeout Box That Doubles As A Greasy, Craptastic Smartphone Charger

Nothing says “finger-licking good” like a bargain basement smartphone charger. Wait, what? Apparently the marketing geniuses over at KFC India have come up with what might be one the oddest promos that we’ve seen in quite some time.

KFC India has debuted a limited edition version of its 5-in-1 combo, which comes in what’s called a Watt a Box. Besides the greasy chicken and sides that you’d usually find inside your meal box, there’s also a 6100 mAh power bank that can be used to recharged your Android smartphone or iPhone (both microUSB and Lightning cables are included).

kfc watt a box

Despite the generous capacity of the battery, it’s anything but fast when it comes to recharging your phone and it was practically useless after just one charge. The folks over at BGR India were less than impressed with its performance, noting that it took a half hour to add 17 percentage point of juice to an Apple iPhone 5s. This half-hour performance ended up depleting the power bank completely. The power bank was than charged again to 100 percent, only to cough up another lung while charging a Redmi Note 3 to just a 7 percent charge.

As if the concept of what is essentially a cheap “one-and-done” battery being tossed into the landfill wasn’t offensive enough, the commercial for this contraption is downright cringe worthy. You can watch it below for yourself:

For now, the Watt a Box is only available at select KFC locations in Delhi and Mumbai. Luckily, U.S. KFC locations won’t have the opportunity to dish out this half-baked promotional item.