KFC Promotes Greasy Fingers And Smartphone Addiction With Keyboard-Equipped Food Trays

It's time to throw in the towel, folks. Unless you're dining alone, proper etiquette dictates that you put away the smartphone when consuming a meal and actually converse with others around you -- Facebook isn't going anywhere, and the last thing your Snapchat recipients need is yet another lunch photo. Ah, but manners take a backseat to social media, and it's a losing battle to fight it. Knowing this, Kentucky Fried Chicken is embracing the modern era with the KFC Tray Typer, a super-thin Bluetooth keyboard that comes with your meal.

Don't expect to receive one at your local KFC. The KFC Tray Typer is part of an advertising campaign concocted by advertising agency Serviceplan and conducted in Germany. Our cynicism about etiquette aside, from a technological standpoint, the KFC Tray Typer is pretty neat. It might also be a glimpse of the future of fast food.

KFC Tray Typer

The KFC Tray Typer is supposedly durable. It's also rechargeable. Most importantly, however, it allows patrons to stay connected to social media and bang out Twitter posts without getting fried chicken grease and other lunch time elements on their smartphone display. There's an obvious appeal there, and being new, the novelty factor is through the roof.

"We handed out the Tray Typer with every order during the opening week of new KFC restaurants and our fans loved it: Geolocated social media discussions skyrocketed and every single one of the smart paper trays was taken home, " Serviceplan said.

The durable keyboard measures just 0.4mm and can be rolled up like a newspaper. As mentioned, it's rechargeable -- you just plug it into a USB port. What we don't know is where KFC goes from here. Given the popularity of the device during the ad campaign, it would make sense to expand it to other areas, like the U.S. However, it's not clear how much these things cost to make.