Kensington Reinvents Its Lock Slot For Thin PCs

For what feels like forever now, Kensington's iconic notebook lock slot has become a staple of the PC universe. Regardless of brand, model, size or price, it seems like this little slit finds its way onto practically each and every portable computer that hits store shelves. Now, at long last, Kensington itself is updating the standard, with a slimmer, stronger design aimed at providing higher physical security without compromise.

The MicroSaver DS Keyed Ultra-Thin Notebook Lock is certainly a mouthful, but it promises to prevent against theft and protect valuable assets like never before. Of course, this introduction begs the question: "So, are those of us with the old lock slot now less secure?" We get the feeling the answer is "no," and this new introduction is simply another way to garner revenue.

Also, the slimmer design ensures that this lock slot will fit onto increasingly thin netbooks and notebooks. Units such as Apple's MacBook Air, MSI's X-Slim X340 and Asus' Eee PC 1008HA are all exceptionally thin, and we don't get the impression that the "thin is in" fad will reverse itself anytime soon. There's also a new stronger cable design and a disk style locking mechanism, but there's no word yet on when OEMs will start switching to this format (if ever). Those who'd like to snap one up anyway can do so right now for $49.99.


    * Nearly impenetrable disk style keyed locking mechanism
    * Attaches to ultra-thin notebooks via the Kensington Security Slot found in 99% of notebooks
    * Patented T-bar locking mechanism provides superior strength and theft protection
    * Super-strong carbon steel cable provides greater security in a 10%-thinner design
    * A rotating head and pivoting cable allow you to easily connect to your notebook and position the lock


    * Works with the industry standard Kensington Security Slot
    * Advanced disc-lock technology
    * 5-ft carbon tempered steel cable
    * Rubber strap for cable management
    * Includes two keys

System Requirements
Works with the industry standard Kensington Security Slot