Kenny G: The Internet Is Not Dead

Earlier this week, we told you about Prince's comments indicating he thinks the Internet is a fad. We obviously disagree. And while it's not surprising, we're certainly not alone in believing the Internet is here to stay. Other artists believe the Internet can help them promote their music as well.

In a recent internet, saxophonist Kenny G candidly joked about Prince's comments. As Kenny G put it, if the Internet is dead "then I must be dead, too, 'cause I use it all the time." With a laugh, he added "Maybe I've got a sixth sense, and I only see dead people. I don't know."

Although the 54-year-old's audience may not be as Internet or download savvy as fans of Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga's fans, he realizes he must use the Internet to promote his music. To that end, Kenny G says he will do what it takes to stay connected. With any luck, this strategy will pay off with his latest album, the R&B-flavored "Heart & Soul."