Karma Go Wireless Hotspot Let’s You Take Sprint’s LTE Mojo Anywhere In The US

Hotspots are becoming less necessary due to most smartphones these days offering tethering by default, but hardcore road warriors still appreciate having a dedicated device, with its own battery pack, to provide Internet signals to a variety of hungry gadgets. Karma is stepping up their place in the game with the new Karma Go. This puck takes the place of the original, which relied on Sprint's WiMAX network. Now that LTE has shown to be the market leader, the Karma Go gains LTE support.

The Go is, at its core, an LTE hotspot. You turn it on, and you can get up to 8 gadgets (laptops, phones, iPod touch, etc.) online so long as you're within range of Sprint's LTE network. What makes Karma unique is a company is its hassle-free operating principle. There are no commitments, no monthly fees, and the data never expires. You pay $99 for the device, which ships in December, and then you only pay for the data you need. It's $14 per gigabyte, and the data never expires.

Perhaps the only hang-up is that there's no version that uses any network other than Sprint. Sprint's network is improving, but it's still quite small/weak compared to AT&T and Verizon. Too, there's no international version yet, so be aware that your data only works while in the United States.
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