Kano's Kid-Friendly DIY Windows 10 Laptop Is Now Available For Purchase

kano pc

Students all around the country are home for the summer, and anyone looking for an excellent gift idea that will give the kids something fun to do (while being educational at the same time) should check out the Kano PC. The Kano PC is a DIY kit that builds a real Windows 10-powered PC out of individual components. The idea is to allow kids to have fun while creating a project they can use when the construction is over and teach them about computer hardware.

kano side

The first time we heard about the Kano PC was in June when it went up for preorder, but now the Kano PC is available to purchase for $299.99. Anyone interested can purchase a Kano PC from Kano directly, the Microsoft Store, or Best Buy. No matter where the computer is purchased, it sells for the same $299.99 list price.

That initial outlay gets you a convertible machine that is reminiscent of the Microsoft Surface Go. Kano has an 11.6-inch touchscreen with a removable keyboard and folio cover. The machine is designed to be modular and tough, with updates and new games along with additional projects available each month. One main focus of the computer is the software studio that is meant to help kids learn coding, design, science, music, and more in a fun and easy way.

kano back

The processor under the hood is an Intel Celeron, and the computer is fitted with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. One of the cooler features of the machine is that the tablet section has a clear back making it easy to see the hardware inside. The internal battery promises at least 10 hours of use per charge and is replaceable.

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