Kanguru's 64GB USB Flash Drive Does eSATA As Well

When you think of buying a new flash drive, the company "Kanguru Solutions" probably doesn't come to mind. Well, until now. Said outfit has just released one of the most interesting and unique USB memory drives to come out in quite some time, and considering just how hard it is to make a flash drive "unique," we couldn't help but have a look.

The 64GB Kanguru e-Flash (up from its prior 32GB version) is more than just a high-capacity USB key; it's one with both USB and eSATA connectivity. The drive features connectors on both ends enabling users to connect via USB or eSATA, with the latter promising performance that's five times faster than typical USB drives. The Kanguru e-Flash has a built-in powered eSATA connection so you don't have to worry about multiple wires plugging into the drive, and it's packaged with an eSATA + Power bracket and an eSATA + Power cable for easy hookup to the computer you use most.

The drive also has a high-strength aluminum housing that can be custom engraved and secure caps that will protect the integrity of the drive and the data, and the outfit also sells an ExpressCard with Powered eSATA for people using the Kanguru e-Flash with their laptop.The Kanguru e-Flash will work with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS 9.x and above and Linux 2.4 and above, though there's no mention of a price or release date just yet.