Kaleidescape Brings Home Cinema Server Product To Wider Crowd

Remember Kaleidescape? That's the company that attempted to give high-end cinema lovers the ability to digitize all of their DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, and clearly, enough of those folks exist to keep it afloat. While niche by nature, it's tough to knock the cool factor here, and the home movie server outfit is now bringing its high-end home theater experience to a broader audience with the all-new Cinema One. It's the company's first product designed for retail distribution, which could see its products fit into the lives of a far wider crowd.

Cinema One lets consumers store and instantly access up to 100 Blu-ray or 600 DVD-quality movies in the highest audio and video quality available. Cinema One provides a better home theater experience by letting viewers watch their Blu-ray and DVD movies without the delays of previews, menus or ads. Thanks to a breakthrough user interface, viewers can browse through hundreds of movies in a snap, no longer having to search through stacks of DVD cases. What's more, Cinema One connects to any home automation system. So when you press Play, the lights go down, the masking is set, and the movie starts instantly, creating a truly theatrical movie experience. And with the unique CinemaScape video-processing mode, Cinema One is the best source device available for a 2.35 home theater.

A second Cinema One can be added to double the storage capacity and enable viewing of the combined library on a second television. And a three-year standard limited warranty ensures customers can enjoy their movies worry-free. With Cinema One, viewers can download movies directly from the Kaleidescape Store-the only store that offers movie downloads with the same audio/video fidelity of Blu-ray discs. Downloads include all special features, audio tracks and extra content otherwise available only on the physical disc.

Still, at $4000, it won't be making its way into "every" home. Make no mistake; this guy's still very high-end.