JVC Does Pocket Camcorders Right With 1080p GC-FM1

Wow, how the bandwagon has grown. Once upon a time, the Flip Video pocket camcorder was the only game in town. If you wanted a low-res camcorder with great battery life and a low price tag, particularly one suitable for shoving in your front pocket, that was the only way to go. Nowadays, there are lots more to choose from, with options from Sony, Samsung, Kodak and now JVC rounding things out.

The new GC-FM1 is one of the more stylish pocket camcorders that we've seen, boasting a prism-like finish and a few bold colors to set itself apart from the plain competition. As for specs, the FM1 includes an 8MP sensor (for still photos), a 2.03MP sensor (for video recording), support for SD/SDHC cards and a 2" LCD for instant playback. It captures clips in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, and there's even an HDMI output for pushing those fresh captures right back onto your television. There's a 1080p, 720p, VGA and QVGA mode on tap, though we get the feeling that "1080p" isn't exactly Blu-ray quality.

There's no word yet on an American release, but it should ship soon in Japan for around 20,000 yen (or just over $200). If you're looking for one of the wildest promotional clips to ever grace a pocket camcorder, just mash play below.