Just How Popular Is The iPhone 5 Expected To Be?

Apple let the cat out of the bag on Tuesday when it started sending out invitations to a press event scheduled for September 12, 2012. Looming in the shadow (literally) of the invitation's graphic is the number "5," which all but confirms the iPhone 5 will be revealed a week from today, just as has been rumored. So, now that we pretty much know for sure Apple's next generation smartphone is about to launch, just how popular will the device be?

Pretty darn popular, if history and an infographic TechBargains put together are any indication. The infographic is the result of a recent iPhone survey that garnered 1,332 responses, which isn't the largest sample size in the world, but sufficient to gauge consumer interest.

iPhone Infographic
Image Source: TechBargains

Nearly half -- 45 percent -- of the survey's respondents indicated they plan to purchase an iPhone 5 on day of release, with another 24 percent on the fence. The overwhelming majority said they're interested in upgrading their current iPhone, and 29 percent said that no phone compares to an iPhone. Interestingly enough, it's not just owners of older iPhone models that plan to make the leap. Of those respondents who own a current generation iPhone 4S device, 64 percent said they're buying the iPhone 5, and 19 percent were undecided. Only 17 percent said they'd skip this generation.

As for the feature wishlist, 93 percent of respondents indicated they're interested in longer battery life, followed by 90 percent hoping for a faster processor and 83 percent interested in 4G LTE. A bigger screen came in fourth place at 76 percent, and 69 percent are still holding out for a microSD card slot (good luck with that one, folks).