Judge Isn’t Buying Apple’s Claims That It Suffered Irreparable Harm From Samsung Patent Infringement

Apple tried convincing a U.S. appeals court this week that Samsung shouldn't be allowed to sell devices that infringe on its smartphone patents, but the judge wasn't particularly sympathetic. Just the opposite, Judge Kimberly Moore candidly told Apple, "You've already licensed these patents up the wazoo!" The point being that there's skepticism Apple is being harmed by technology that it's already letting other companies use.

This is the latest bout in what's been a long, drawn out fight between Apple and Samsung. Neither side has been able to gain a legal edge and resulting financial advantage, though Apple did win a 
$1.05 billion patent infringement claim against Samsung in 2012 that was later reduced to $930 million. However, even that is tied up in litigation as Samsung appeals the verdict.

iPhone 6 Plus

Apple is now trying to get an injunction against select Samsung products based on claims that the South Korean handset maker is infringing on patents for functions like slide-to-unlock, auto-correct, and quick links.

"You've licensed them to everyone. So why is it irreparable harm if Samsung uses the patents?," Moore said, according to Reuters. Her sentiments were echoed by Judge Sharon Prost, who added that she was "having a hard time getting past irreparable harm."

As far as Apple is concerned, Samsung could have developed workarounds to its patents, but has chosen not to. Furthermore, Apple argues that not all smartphone players are licensing its technologies.