Jorno Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard Brings QWERTY To Your Mobile Devices

Recently, a Solid Line iPad case added a physical keyboard to Apple's hot-selling tablet. But it only functions with one particular tablet, so if you aren't an iPad owner, you can't really take advantage. Now, there's a more universal alternative. Cervantes Mobile, which is responsible for quite a few other peripherals in the mobile realm, has just released the Jorno Keyboard, which is a foldable Bluetooth keyboard that can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, UMPC, MID or tablet.

It collapses up neatly for travel, and then unfolds to display a full QWERTY keyboard that is said to convert your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a "fully functioning laptop." That may be somewhat of a stretch, but it does let you type on your mobile with a QWERTY keyboard rather than the on-screen virtual keyboard. That's a big step up.

It will go on sale in early 2011 for $79, but pre-orders are live now.

Cervantes Mobile Announces Jorno, the Pocket-Sized Folding Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices
Innovative portable keyboard now available for pre-order at a special price

Los Angeles, CA – September 21, 2010 – Cervantes Mobile, a provider of input productivity solutions for iPhone and other touch screen handheld devices, is proud to unveil the Jorno keyboard. This foldable Bluetooth keyboard turns your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a fully functioning laptop.

“We are thrilled to offer consumers a much-needed portable solution for their touch screen mobile devices,” said Scott Starrett, CEO and Founder, Cervantes Mobile. “We are committed to answering consumers’ demands and providing the most up-to-date solutions.”

The Jorno keyboard folds down to a compact size to easily fit in your pocket or bag, and includes a detachable cradle to hold your device in either portrait or landscape orientation. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair the keyboard to your mobile device and position the keyboard anywhere you like.  The keyboard is also rigid when unfolded, allowing placement in your lap.  With the Jorno Bluetooth Keyboard, you can write emails, take notes and enjoy an efficient, portable way to type on your mobile device.

The Jorno Bluetooth Keyboard will be available early 2011 for $99 MSRP, but can be pre-ordered now for only $79 at