JooJoo Creator Lashes Out At iPad, Makes A Few Decent Points

Remember the JooJoo? What started out as the CrunchPad eventually became Fusion Garage's JooJoo, a massive tablet PC that drawfs the iPad, plays Flash video but has yet to sell more than a handful of units worldwide. The lack of marketing has really hurt the product, and Apple coming out with something similar surely did not help their cause. But if you thought bad timing would make Fusion Garage's CEO bitter, you were wrong. He's just disgusted.

According to a new report, Chandra Rathakrishna (creator of the JooJoo), recently had a few choice words about the iPad, and while sales would obviously say otherwise, there's nothing like a little bitterness to chuckle over on a holiday. Here's his quotes on Apple's first tablet, and you may want to sit down and swallow whatever liquid you have in your mouth before continuing on:

"JooJoo delivers the entire Internet - including Flash-based websites. That means you can play full versions of games, watch full-screen HD video and not have to be constrained within the 'walled garden' of the iPad environment. [The iPad is just] another storage device with web capabilities."

Yikes! Now, he did confess that "Every Apple product launch is great theater," and that he's thankful for them bringing attention to the tablet market, but it's clear he's not on board with their approach. Basically, he's knocking the iPad for not giving people the full Internet experience that is promised, and on that note, he's right on the money. Flash-based websites simply won't load on the iPad, nor will they ever judging by Steve Jobs' hatred of the system. He also stated that Fusion Garage "doesn't see the need for an app store; an app store sells stripped down versions of actual websites."

That may be the biggest blow yet. The App Store is arguably what has allowed Apple to grow their market share so far. With over 200,000 iPhone and iPad apps, people have access to nearly any software they want. It's a competitive advantage that no other platform has, though Android seems to be slowly catching up with around 50,000 apps available now. So, is this guy just talking junk as a last resort to get people to pay attention to his iPad rival, or is he making some legitimate points underneath the anger?