Jolla Adds Cellular Connection To Stretch Goals For Crowdfunded Tablet

Despite the tablet market being oversaturated, the Jolla tablet has gained quite a bit of attention. Built around the open source Sailfish OS, the Jolla Tablet’s Indiegogo campaign had a goal of $380,000 that was quickly reached. But since passing the $1 million mark, the company has added three stretch goals to its crowdfunding campaign.

At the time of this article’s publication, the Indiegogo campaign has reached $1.3 million with the first stretch goal set at $1.5 million. Once that first stretch goal has been reached, Jolla will upgrade every tablet to support microSDHC cards up to 128GB. The device currently supports cards up 32GB in addition to the 32GB of internal storage. At $1.75 million, a split screen feature will be added that will let consumers view and use two apps at the same time.

Jolla Tablet

The final stretch goal, set at $2.5 million, will add 3.5G or cellular connectivity for the tablet. However, backers who wish to have this feature included will have to pay $30. The “Upgrade to 3.5G” perk will be made available should the campaign reach the $2.5 million mark.

With only 11 days left, and the campaign's goal at $1.3 million, it will be interesting to see if all three stretch goals are unlocked.