Joey Says "Be A Shame If Sumfin' Should Happen To Ya Computah."

There's lots of talk in legislative circles about net neutrality, and taxation, and regulating blogs as political speech, and taxing artifacts purchased in virtual worlds as if they were real. That's all swell, or not, depending on your point of view, but I think we can all agree on one thing: how about we do something about the real life gangsters that are making the internet into a very dangerous place?

Organized crime has had its fingers in criminal activity on the internet for some time, but until about two years ago most of its activity was limited to obvious scams, pornography and gambling. But in the past two years the rapid growth in organized crime in Eastern Europe and a huge increase in sophistication has jumped organized crime on the internet from an irritation to a serious problem. How is this happening? The basic reason is that almost half all computer users connected to the internet have no or ineffective security protecting themselves and their systems while they web browse or even when using email. That doesn't even take into account new threats spreading into instant messaging, VoIP and even cell phones.

ITSecurity has a comprehensive and intelligent rundown on the risks and costs of internet crime. Is The Mob Married To Your Computer?

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