Jobo Launches PhotoGPS 2 And 4 For DSLR Geotagging

Geotagging is a technology that has grown in popularity recently, with many new cameras and camcorders boasting integrated GPS chips that can "tag" photos and videos with GPS coordinates of the location at which a given shot or clip was taken. Jobo, a company best known for their bendable, flexible camera tripod mounts, has just released a new pair of GPS receivers for cameras.

The geotagging PhotoGPS 2 and PhotoGPS 4 both fit into the hot shoe of a DSLR, and both enable your GPS-less camera to tag photos in order to help you remember where you took a given photograph or movie clip. For those who travel a lot or vacation in faraway places, this functionality is a real boon. The photoGPS 2 stores up to 2,000 locations on its internal memory, photoGPS 4 even up to 4,000.

Due to the included software the geodata will be translated automatically in real address data when connected to a PC or notebook and all images will be tagged with these information. In addition to longitude and latitude the real address of where the image was taken such as country, city, street and nearest point of interest are written into the image file. According to these criteria tagged photos can be found, sorted and organized. These new photoGPS models will be available at the end of April for €99 (photoGPS 2) and €129 (photoGPS 4).

JOBO photoGPS 2 / photoGPS 4 Specifications

Capture time: about 0.4 sec
Storage capacity: up to 2,000 locations (photoGPS 2) / 4,000 locations (photoGPS 4)
Accuracy: approx. 12 m
Reverse geocoding providing the real address (country, city, street, POI)
Interface to camera: standard hot-shoe (ISO 518:2006)
File support: JPEG, RAW with XMP sidecar file
Power source: internal rechargeable Li-Poly battery

Typical battery life: 2 months (100 captures per day)
Status information: via 2 LEDs
PC connectivity: USB 2.0
Battery charging: via USB 2.0

Requirements for usage: computer with internet connection
Operating systems: Windows XP, 7, Mac (Intel)
Dimensions: 68 x 20 x 43 mm (without adapter)
Weight: 80 g