Jimmy Kimmel Pranks the Public by Presenting iPad Mini as the New iPhone

There were rumors Apple would release a larger size iPhone during yesterday's press event, and it would make sense for Apple to offer a bigger model to compete with all the Android devices wielding screens between 4.5 inches and 5 inches, give or take a fraction of an inch. Well, Apple stuck with the 4-inch form factor yet again for both its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, though if you didn't watch any of the live blogs or catch up on tech news, you wouldn't have known that.

For those reasons, we can give a pass to random people walking the sidewalks of New York who believed that Apple went bigger this time around. What's not so easy to excuse, however, is that when presented with an iPad mini and told by one of Jimmy Kimmel's staff members holding a microphone that it was the new iPhone, that they not only believed it, but pretended it was the greatest phone ever.

iPhone Prank

One passerby held the iPad mini up to his ear like an iPhone and gushed about the call quality. This came after he praised the device for being much sleeker, lighter, and smaller (what!?).

He wasn't the only that didn't do the stereotypical Apple fan any favors. A woman was told that if she clicks the Home button and licks the screen, she'd be able to taste the flavor. "It comes in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry," the reporter told her. After the first lick, she said there was no taste, but after a second attempt, she proclaimed, "Oh, I can taste it! Whoa, that's so weird. It's cool, I like it!"

Hilariously (and sadly), there's more. Check it out for yourself in the embedded YouTube video above and then drop a comment below!