Jetstream HD Brings Content To Any iPad, Anywhere

You might say that the world simply doesn't need another media streaming device. And you could be right. But could we use another streaming device that actually does something different and unique? Yeah, we could get into that. JetStream HD might be that device. Rather than being a software solution, this is actually a software + hardware combination. The product launched this week at DEMO Spring 2011, with a $199 box promising to change the way iPad users think about streamed content.

In time, the product will be able to stream to iPhones, iPod touches and maybe even Android phones. The $199 box accepts an Ethernet cable, which is used to link it to a PC/media storage system in your home. From there, it can be connected to a wireless router. Than, any content on a home PC or server can be streamed to the iPad on-the-go, over the Internet. JetStream HD requires that users are authenticated via an iOS app, which ensures that only they can view the media. This enables remote access viewing of the content, and it works well with both Wi-Fi or 3G connections. Of course, 3G viewing will look a bit softer, but that's the nature of the beast.

Furthermore, the product can stream photos and music, and it'll even search the Internet for missing meta data that could be used to better categorize your content. The box itself has two USB ports (for external thumb drives or HDDs), and the company plans to start taking orders for the box this April or May. We'll definitely be looking to see if this is what really shakes up the media streaming / remote access bandwagon.